‘The Living End’


‘Inside Rail’

“We had an ambitious schedule when we went on tour to play acoustic gigs at Borders. We tried to play every Borders we could drive to and would often spend all afternoon on the road and arrive just before our club date that night. Our deal called for compensation in Borders Bucks, so all of our relatives got a lot of books and records that year.” 

Mark and Woody

‘Passenger in Time’

The Bitter Pill video was shot in one very long day in the director’s apartment in New York City. She painted her entire bedroom yellow for the occasion. Rather than dealing with choreography I decided to be filmed sitting down.

– Mark 

‘Across the River’

“We wrote our early songs in my bedroom/studio in an apartment building. Production began on an 8 track ¼ inch, then we upgraded to an Akai 12 track and finally moved to 16 tracks on 1 inch tape. The downstairs neighbors called to complain every time we laid down bass and percussion tracks.  The Album, Across the River, eventually came to be made at Cubic Studios, recording on 2″ analog tape on a 32 track Otari.”

– Mark

“After spending days searching for and auditioning potential band members, we finally had a starting lineup that clicked. Our first big gig was at Baltimore’s original club, Max’s On Broadway.”

– Woody